- Dmitri Ishchenko

- Janet Davis

- Mark Sassella

"Just a note to thank you for providing me with Neal Craythorn as my Beacon forex coach. Since he has been teaching me, it's the first time over my trading career that my trading account has slowly started to increase in value, instead of decreasing. Over these past months I've finally started to recognize good potential trades as well as when not to trade. Now that I seem to have gotten the very basics down, Neal is currently working with me to convey his mastery of recognizing alternative counts, diagonals, triangles & complex correctives. He is a concise, courteous, professional who goes the extra mile to make sure I am getting it. You should be proud to have such a talented & successful coach on your staff. I feel as I start to recognize & master these more complex movements, I'm finally in the home stretch of becoming an independent forex trader."

- Ken Snitz

"I only became interested in investing late in life – before that my father handled everything for me through his own broker.  Then I started reading investment news and advisories via the internet and became interested – and that is how I found out about Elliott Wave theory – and it was immediately obvious after watching stock and forex charts that this was really how the market behaved – so I started doing some trading with Elliott – and of course as you can imagine failed miserably – I would make a good trade, then lose two trades and be back where I started or worse – so I knew I needed more help than just their website and reading the Elliott Wave Principle book – so I was intrigued by the idea of a private Elliott wave teacher and mentor – and that is what I got with the Beacon Learning Program.

 The Beacon Learning Group comprises two basic elements -- a series of 1 on 1 hourly lectures once a week that starts with material from the EWP book but with more detail and more practical pointers about how to actually apply the theory – as well as help with the all-important topic of risk management—without that I know from experience how much one wrong trade can wipe out from your account.  My personal tutor is obviously an expert in the Elliott Wave theory as well as a great teacher and friendly supporter.

What is even more valuable, are the hourly impromptu sessions (that we originate when we want them) with one of the instructors via the "resource line" – this gives you a chance on a one-on-one basis to go over your charts and proposed trades and catch any mistakes before you make a trade.  The Beacon Learning Group suggests as much as possible to go over each trade before you make it to make sure there is no mistake in your approach or wave count.

 I must say that I have interacted with many of their teachers, not only my personal tutor -- they are all great, friendly, go out of their way to be helpful, and seem to be real masters both of the Elliot Wave principle ,as well as applying it to trading.   Whenever I call there seems to be someone available to help me almost immediately  So again I have the strongest recommendations for the service, and it seems to fill excellently the gap between reading the EWP book and becoming a successful trader."

- Alan Wagshal

"I have taken many courses online and physically but I have never taken such a useful and insightful course. My 6 months with Darin allowed me to learn, understand and apply Elliot Wave in my day to day trades. Darin had the patience and dedication to answer all my questions. I can honestly say that when I look at a chart Elliot Wave comes to me naturally. Next time I want to learn something I am coming to Beacon first!

A sincere thank you.

- Luis Cadavid

"I have been handling my own investments for many years. Although I was not satisfied with my results, I had reservations about undertaking a coaching program. I have always felt that if someone really knew how to be successful in the markets, they would not be sharing it with others. This is not the case with Beacon Coaching.

The course is providing the knowledge that I lacked to be able to produce consistent results. And the program is designed to benefit investors of all experience levels. My coach has been a great pleasure to work with; knowledgeable, personable and articulate. His input is helping me develop a way to use Beacon Learning Group in a trading approach that can work for me. What I will take away from the experience is the satisfaction that I can handle my own investments, and in a way that suits my own style and makeup. Developing confidence in my ability to protect and grow my retirement nest egg is a great comfort.

- Bill Meyers
Upland, California

"Thanks for the Modules. And more, Thank you for your Time, Guidance and Friendship. The majority might shy sway from those who would point out their weaknesses. Though I feel nothing but gratitude for your having opened the way for my improvement.

Warmest Regards, Mark"

- Mark & Lyn Cox
Brooklyn, NY

"Thanks to the stochastic idea, I had a huge day yesterday! I have spent a great deal of time doing market replay and counting waves in patterns using the stochastic. I am using 3 timeframes to get my bearings.

It is amazing how well it works. Naturally the plot doesn't happen until after the fact, but with the knowledge of what is supposed to happen, and seeing other confirming evidence, it is like clockwork.

I'm amazed at how well it does on every time frame. It really astounds me. I paid for the cost of the EW coaching in just one day.

Thank you so much."

- Daniel Barrett
Windsor, California

"Hi Nancy, I had read the EW Principle once but found it quite confusing... After starting the Beacon classes I got back into the "book" and have begun to understand much more about the Waves...My instructor, Janet Robins, does a great job explaining the waves and has helped me a whole bunch !!! I have been with her since mid August and she is sticking with me "till I learn it all !!! With the 18 months access to the Resource Line I should get a lot better at reading the Charts... I'm going over & over the Rules, & "etc" in the book and will continue 'til I can look at a chart and see what it is at a glance!!!

Thanks for your help."

- Richard

"I honestly have and am enjoying my time with Beacon Learning Group a lot. The resources, lessons and help they provide are invaluable. I honestly recommend it to everyone.

I had very little experience/knowledge of ElliotWave. I knew the basics but not enough to be able to trade, now I can say with some degree of confidence that I can not only spot and understand patterns but trade them as well."

- Luis Cadavid

"The experience with beacon learning was good, I enjoyed every session with the guys.

Jerry is a good patient teacher and he knows his stuff….

I set a goal for myself to trade accurately and make a $150 a day on average, I am not there yet but I believe with the resource line I can do it."

- John

"The Elliott Wave training went really well – done with the formal part. I have access to the resource line for next 6 months. My training has been a good experience. Beacon take's the time to go over everything – they don’t rush to get off the phone or finish up."

- Dennis K

"My coach has a wealth of knowledge and has been invaluable in helping me to understand both technical analysis and the trading principles which most influence day trading. His patience and respectful teaching style has made this a very positive and a very valuable experience. I now have a much clearer picture of what I need for a Trading Plan that works best for me. By following that plan, I am more confident in my trades and have greatly improved my win/loss ratio. The value is definitely there. From my experience, I can recommend Beacon's Personal Coaching Program without hesitation."

- Don Crayes
San Clemente, California

"Just a quick note ... I just traded a New York session with 12 trades, 3 break-even, 9 wins, and 0 losses for 496 pips (that's 496 honest pips). Do you think I'm happy? Boy, I'm going to sleep well tonight!"

- S. Hungerford
Queensland, Australia

"I wanted to let you know how valuable my coaching sessions have been. I have learned a lot from my coach and have gained a lot of confidence in my trading. My coach has taught me not only some good strategies on the actual technical part of trading but just as valuable have been the lessons on patience and controlling emotion. I am having much more success in my trading and I attribute that success directly to my coaching sessions."

- B. Schwind
Albany, New York

"I just want to take this opportunity to express my most sincere gratitude to one of your coaches, namely Mr Neal Craythorne. His trading methodology perfectly matches the way I prefer to trade, and my success rate has finally started to turn the right way. He is extremely effective and has instilled an amount of confidence and reduced my fear in me, I have not had in Trading in almost 4 years of trying. He is an extremely gifted individual and is able to show his trades and exude an aura of confidence and ability which washes over his students, and as for me I am extremely grateful for his help. Simple is best and he certainly makes it look like that!!!!! He treats me like a kindred spirit, and lets me know constantly that I can make it. As we know, this game is 90% psychology and Neal has certainly helped me with that.

I thank him myself personally every time I speak to him, but I just wanted to let you know, what a diamond of a gentleman you have on your books.

Thanks to all at Beacon!

My most sincerest thanks to you all for the help and support."

- S Conway
Nuneaton, United Kingdom

"Just wanted to drop a line to comment on an outstanding job my coach has done in coaching me. He has done an exceptional job of coaching me and it has improved my trading skills far beyond my expectations. I am getting great results from his coaching and I am grateful, thank you for including me in this program."

- H. Harbottle
Kaneohe, HI

"I would like to thank you for the knowledge you have provided me during our coaching sessions. I initially came to you to learn how better to trade but got that and so much more. I now look at the markets in a whole, new way. My perspective on intermarket analysis and how the different trading instruments work together has taken my confidence to a new, higher level.

I now have a trading plan based on our time together that I am now using to continue my growth as a trader. Thanks for working with me to develop that trading plan and for your critique to make it much better than I had written. My trading is now based on research and knowledge and understanding high probability trades. I appreciate your delivery method as well as your concern in making sure I understood the concepts that you were teaching."

- G. Williams
Irmo, South Carolina

"The coaching program really is for serious students whose intention is to regularly extract sums of money out of the market by learning to trade like a professional. I can see differences in my trading techniques because the personalized program was able to address the flaws that were holding me back. My coach used his experience to quickly plug the holes in my trading techniques and nurture new habits for better trading. I do feel a lot more confident about the career I have chosen

I was pleasantly surprised that the coach picked was someone who had worked on an institutional level, professionally managed money for others and was still successfully active in the market today. To allow a novice to learn off a professional on a one to one basis is a unique opportunity. The program is really about professional traders giving back to the beginning trader who is struggling to reach that same level. This coaching program has been long overdue in my opinion.

It has been the most effective method of training available, much like having an apprentice position in a highly reputable Investment firm. This experience has surpassed books, DVDs and webinars due to the ability of a coach to intervene and customize his training to match the current real time trade I am in. Finally the tables are turned and it is the teacher looking over my shoulder and seeing my screen.

This exposure has permanently altered my trading life and I am glad I did not miss out on this. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to find the surest way to success."

- Ravi M.
West Indies

"I have been in coaching for approximately three months and I can not praise my coach enough. I have been very impressed by the way that he teaches. Many times when I have not understood what he is referring to, he has repeated it in a number of different ways until he was sure that I had grasped the concept

Although I have had mentors in the past, Beacon Learning Group and their coaching team are the first to teach me ways to take my trading account from a negative balance to a positive balance on a consistent basis."

- M. Fawcet
Mesa, AZ

"When I first started trading using these methods with a Practice Account I knew it was a winning method because I was profitable. However, when I went in using a ‘live’ account, my trades went sour. I would then put some more money in my trading account and the same thing happened. Having a winning method by itself is not enough to succeed in trading. What I lacked was the discipline and psychology. The coaching process has helped me develop these traits that were an obstacle to my trading success.

By having a mentor, I gained confidence quickly because I did not feel alone any more. I have had someone working with me who has the experience and the knowledge to guide me in the right direction. The coaching process helped me to gain confidence and overcome the fear of losing. Through proper position sizing, money management and risk minimization I am now able to trade in an emotionally detached manner. Crucial to the development of this mindset, was my need to show justification of my trading and preparing trading reports together with performance analysis. These helped me to trade in a calm, objective manner and view trading as a serious business. On my own, I would not have had the discipline to develop this ability. I now view trading as a job that I want to do as best as I can. I do not even think about the money. The money follows from good trading. Even if a trade goes wrong, if it was a valid trade, I still did a good job. I have learned I do not need to spend all my waking moments stressing out looking at charts any more. Trading is stress-free, profitable and I can still have time to do other things."

- Karin Xuereb
Portland, Oregon

"Coaching by Beacon Learning Group has given me the knowledge to be a profitable trader. I am learning to trade the market like a professional.

I have found Beacon Learning Group to be genuinely interested in helping their students reach their goals."

- J. Faris
Lugoff, South Carolina

"I have worked with my coach for the last 5 months and have learned a tremendous amount. I have only been trading for 8-months and my experience with my Beacon coach has been extremely valuable. I invested in the coaching program in order to achieve greater success in a faster time frame. Although I have not achieved all of my objectives I am confident that through the education provided by my coach I will attain great success in trading. With my coach, I have worked on a lot of items including my trading plan. We have developed entry and exit strategies that key on price action, candlesticks, moving averages and trend and consolidation. Price action being the key item that drives our response. I would highly recommend Beacon Learning Group for anyone wanting to take their trading to a higher level. I look forward to continue to work with my coach to elevate my success."

- Boyd Crawford
Port Moody, British Colombia, Canada

"I found this to be a most interesting exercise. I could not believe how much longer the trades ran when a trailing stop was implemented. I have a PC with much larger screens. When I viewed the 4 time frames simultaneously was amazed how much easier the trend appeared. As well potential trading results. Just amazing.

Many thanks."

- Brenda