Neal Craythorn

Neal Craythorn started trading forex in early 2004. Within a year he started sharing his passion for the forex market with others. He now has over 9 years experience in training and coaching within this market.

He has 8 years of experience teaching end users of a data feed company to use their proprietary software and charting tools to trade in the stock market.

He has two Associates of Science degrees. The first is in Computer Information Systems and the other in Business Management. His career experience includes 15 years of computer tech support and customer service management for fortune 500 companies. He has developed and taught several focus classes for computer technicians on various applications and methods. He has worked with Dell’s hardware support teams as well as the most novice end users. This diversity is one of his greatest assets as he is able to quickly adjust his teaching to the knowledge level of his students.

Neal started his Elliott Wave training in 2005 with a local trading club. He has taken several courses from various trainers in 2005 and 2006. His main focus has been on the forex market where he has keep his charts current and up to date since his training. He uses his Elliott Wave analysis in daily, hourly, and 15 minute charts. He also uses it as a confirmation for other strategies and methods. When asked what has made the biggest impact on his trading career, Neal simply replies “Learning and mastering Elliott Wave Analysis”.

Neal’s success in the markets has allowed him to gain a new perspective on life. He loves to help others realize their own potential, to believe in new possibilities, and create and achieve new financial goals they have only dreamed of previously.

He now measures his success based upon the success of his students.

Jerry Maass

Jerry Maass has a Bachelors Degree in Finance from the University of Utah with a composite major in Accounting and minor in Economics. Graduate work at Utah State University in Marketing and Marketing Psychology. Authored: Training manuals for use by marketing teachers in public schools. Authored: A Real Estate textbook designed to train real estate sales people. Was certified by the State of Utah as a Real Estate Instructor; preparing students for their real estate exams. Owned and operated a Real Estate Brokerage as well as a Piper Aviation Flight Training Center. Holder of two Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor. Jerry worked for the Federal Aviation Administration as aircraft pilot written test and airplane flight test examiner. Former corporate officer, and/or member of the board of directors of several corporations dealing in research, development and the design of graphite pre prig machines as well as futuristic military weapons. He was an Adjunct Professor at Utah Valley University where he served as a course manager in their aviation department. Additionally, he worked for Bank of America in their trust department specializing in Convertible Debentures.

He has been involved in currency trading for 11 years. He became acquainted with Elliott Wave International 10 years ago and was immediately fascinated by their philosophy. He has taken on-line training and attended three live training seminars preparatory for wave analysis. Formed an association of local traders who meet regularly on a weekly basis to discuss, analyze and share information relative to taking trades using the Elliott Wave as a model for determining trade quality. He has received additional training from BeaconLG coaching mentors, preparatory to passing the challenging tests required by Elliott Wave International prior to being allowed to teach their material. He specializes in currency trading; however, he has recently been branching out into other trading markets as well. Jerry is currently studying for the Securities Exchange Commissions Series 3 exam.

Janet Robins

Janet Robins worked as an accountant / financial controller in the software and homebuilding industries for 25 years. In 2004 she was introduced to the Forex market by a “friend”. How hard could it be? The market only goes 3 ways – up, down or sideways. Or at least, that was her initial thought. In a relatively short period of time, she soon realized it wasn’t that simple. Repeated attempts to find the “Holy Grail” failed. If the standard technical indicators worked by themselves, then why were so many of the traders she knew losing money Surprised at how badly so many of the trading advisors seemed to be doing, and how poorly the canned systems worked, the accountant side of her brain (aka left-brain) took over. Knowing there was huge potential in the financial markets, she became determined to learn the “how and why”. She began taking numerous training courses to expand her trading skills, including studying the Elliott Wave Principle. She became involved with the Salt Lake City Trading Club handling administrative duties, knowing that association with others wanting to learn the same skills would be beneficial. She later helped form and run a small local non-formal trading group, focusing on helping people develop their trading skills, the importance of trading psychology and money management. Helping others to become more successful traders has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this journey. That wonderfully boring, left-brain function of focusing on logical thinking, analysis and accuracy has paid off. The study of Elliott Wave patterns has led to a better and more profitable understanding of what the markets are likely to do next (or sometimes more importantly, what the markets will not do next). Trading requires commitment in order to be successful. Elliott Wave is a rule based system that enforces behavior and compliance. Janet recently passed very rigorous Elliot Wave testing to become certified to teach Elliott Wave Analysis to traders.

David Nielsen

David retired after 30 years in the Transportation business. He has always had an entrepreneurial desire, owning several successful small businesses, including geological sampling and analysis to operating a convenience store.

He was wary of sending money to large firms and then seeing no accountability or knowledge of how it was being invested. He made a few small equities purchases, following advice and rumors with mixed results; he found that this was not a good way to trade.

He was invited ten years ago to join the Salt Lake City Trading Club and was introduced to the Elliott Wave Principle a few months later. He felt an immediate affinity with this basis of methodology and the natural laws it is founded on. He could see the wide application of this principle in socioeconomics and human behavior as well as the natural world. David has since found great success using Elliott Wave patterns to trade successfully in the market.

David has an AAS degree in Automated Systems graduating with honors. He has attended many all day and multi-day seminars by Elliott Wave professionals, as well as other industry experts in market analysis. David has also spent many hours doing on-line training and follow-up webinars to the day trainings.

David enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion of Elliott Wave Principle with others. He is always working to improve himself and those around him. He has been married 37 years, has 4 children and 3 grandchildren . He especially enjoys youth and seeing anyone achieve their potential.

John E. Erard

John’s business career has centered on the investments business—first on the sell-side and later on the buy-side, which he has always preferred, and he has over 30 years of personal investment experience. A friend’s terminal illness brought him and his wife to Santa Fe, New Mexico five years ago at which time he retired and became a full time trader.

John’s search for a methodology that would enable him to understand the meaning of real time price movement, in any market, and help him make trading decisions based upon those price changes, ultimately led him to the Elliott Wave Principle.

His realization that the Wave Principle provides a logical framework for limiting the number of future market movement possibilities and assembling those remaining in order of probability, plus its inherent flexibility in working side-by-side with other methodologies, like Median Line Theory, led him to become a Certified Elliott Wave Analyst.

His satisfaction with the results and a desire to share this complex but powerful deductive market analysis tool with others, led him to become a BLG Elliott Wave coach.

John’s analysis and trading is focused on the futures markets—primarily the softs, grains, bonds, currencies, and US equities. He analyzes these, and other key markets, on a daily basis and trades them on both a day timeframe as well as a swing timeframe.

He has served in various senior roles at financial service firms including 18 years at a $100+ billion asset management firm where he was a Partner and Director of Training. He earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation (AIF) and the Certified Investment Management Analysts designation (CIMA) from the Investment Management Consultants Association and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. He subsequently let both of those designations lapse in order to become solely focused on trading related activities.

John was born and raised in Mexico City. He immigrated to the US and is now a proud citizen. He has travelled extensively including having lived in Mumbai, India and fluently speaks, writes, and reads Spanish and English.