About Us

Become Your Best

Our goal at Beacon Learning Group (BLG) has been to provide consumers with high quality adult education and training programs designed to motivate them to achieve their personal, financial and self improvement goals.

Achieving financial independence is a goal for many Americans. At the Beacon Learning Group, we have focused our resources on developing and delivering programs that align and support our client partner's business objectives.

These Programs are designed to enable any student to fulfill his or her dreams of a lifetime of financial freedom, independence and security.

Problem Solved

For most people there is a big gap between “knowing and doing”. Beacon Learning Group is dedicated to making the learning process powerful through real world education that will change a students life. We believe “well done is better than well said” so we teach via action activities that will empower each student to achieve their full potential. We believe that you can learn through trial and error or from someone that has already done it. Learning from someone who has been there will save you time and money! With each student the focus is on Safer, Smarter and Faster.